Services provides an extensive range of dedicated services, covering finance solutions across the commercial property landscape

Our range of services includes commercial property investment, working capital funding, construction loans, land banks, residual stock, business acquisition and management buy outs. We offer a specialist range of commercial finance options for a diverse audience.

Construction finance

We have a proven track record in sourcing finance for construction and development Australia-wide. We work with authorised deposit-taking institutions and a range of alternative funding sources to consistently deliver funding for projects with gross realisation up to $1.5BN AUD.

Land bank finance

We specialise in providing private lending to developers in amounts from $5M to $500M AUD. This includes securing land for construction of residential developments and vacant land for large industrial, multi and single-tenant office towers.

Mezzanine and short-term finance

Ideal for clients with limited capital, mezzanine finance allows debt to be subordinated – thereby making the lender second-in-line on collecting payment. This option also provides the flexibility to convert a loan to equity in the company’s assets in case of default. Finance can be structured either as debt or preferred stock based on the client’s needs.

Capital raising and preferred equity

We can arrange for a joint-venture equity partner in any ground-up development. has sourced up to 95% of project equity on behalf of developers, assisting them to diversify across multiple projects.

Trade and working capital

Our commercial managers have decades of experience assisting clients with their trading business finance needs, including debtor finance, equipment finance, overdrafts and international trade.

Developer investment and residual stock

Residual stock facilities can be valuable for developers looking to recoup cash to move to their next project while undertaking a controlled sell-down of their current project assets. We provide funding on a gross realisation basis, up to 65% for a period of 18 months.


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